Does Restaurant Food Have More Calories Than Home-Cooked Meals?

Everyone has different opinions on where and what they like to eat. But almost everyone seems to think that homemade food is more healthy; that they contain less calories. But is that always the case? And if so, why? Find out below from the top rated answers of the internet.


Am cook for a restaurant:

Ingredients are all fresh and of the highest quality around, but that doesn’t mean we don’t add extra fat for it to taste good. Heavy cream is subbed for milk, anything i can put sour cream into i will, always a little generous with the salt. My job is to make you a great meal; if you were going healthy you wouldn’t order the 4 cheese mac and cheese with bacon on top.


There’s a reason you see a lot of very unhealthy people eating salads and not losing weight. As well as some surprising calorie counts on salads.

Unless you are modifying orders or getting something that is explicitly supposed to be healthy restaurant eating is made to be tasty so that it sells not healthy.


I remember watching Hell’s kitchen and a kid put way too much dressing in the mixing bowl for the hand tossed salad, and Gordon just reached his hand into the bowl and screamed “It’s a salad dressing, not salad fucking soup!” And squeezed the salad as a river of vinaigrette came flowing out of it. That stuck with me for not putting too much dressing on my salads.


Fresh does not always mean low calorie, in fact there’s lots of things that go into fresh cooking that are not at all low calorie. Restaurants care a lot about taste so when confronted with a choice of taste vs. calories they are going to choose taste.

Take scrambled eggs. Not much to that right? When I make them at home I often use only eggs (and a little salt and pepper). But if I’m cooking to impress, I also use butter AND heavy cream. My “impress a date” eggs are creamy and amazing. My eggs for just me are fairly healthy.

Butter, cream, sugar, and fat are all added to food to make them taste GOOD. Restaurants use them as they are intended.


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