Why Do Some People Get Bitten by Bugs More Than Others?

You may have noticed that some people are more prone to bug bites. Other people who at the same place as them, doing the same activities don’t get bitten as often. There are several reasons behind this. The explanations below are the best we could find on the internet regarding this. Read on.


CO2 is major, as are uric and lactic acids related to sweating, but cholesterol is also a huge draw.

So a lot of women who process cholesterol more efficiently than their male company and have more cholesterol by-products on their skin surface, may actually end up targets only after the mosquitoes are drawn in by the guys’ greater production of sweat and CO2 (gender is irrelevant; this can definitely go the other way too).

Some studies have also found mosquitoes are more attracted to some blood types than others.


I used to get mosquito bites that were very typical. Usually 5-8 mm size itchy welts. 2 years ago my body just completely stopped reacting to mosquito bites. They still bite, but there’s not a trace left when they’re done. I feel like I’ve been granted a divine miraculous super power. It’s fucking awesome. Because of this, I no longer get worked up about minor amounts of mosquitoes, and usually don’t notice when they bite.


Everyone’s different, to a great or lesser extent. This includes a huge number of characteristics that certain bugs can sense (like exhaled CO2, sweat, skin temperature, general body odor, etc.), and things they can’t, or at least that we’re not aware that they can. This is affected by genetics, diet, habits, and other factors.

Bottom line: It’s normal, to a certain extent. 🙂


The 2 biggest factors are genetics and blood. For starters, bugs (mosquitoes) are most attracted to people with O- blood types, likely due to the fact that they lack blood antibody s. A blood has anti B antibodies, B has anti A, AB has neither anti A or B, O has anti A and B. The Rh factor is the same, if you are – you ha e anti Rh, + you don’t have anti Rh. Which is why O- can donate to anyone but only receive O-, and AB+ can receive blood from anyone. To sum that bit up, since people with O type blood have antibodies that are anti A and B, if you put A blood in them their immune system will attack it. Because of this it’s easier to ingest and transfer without triggering an immunologic response in the host.

The other genetic part is how much you sweat and what it’s made of. Sweat is probably the biggest go to for insects, as it’s not only potent and easy to recognize, but offers surface nourishment and shows the animal/host is in good condition (alive things sweat, dead things dont). Depending on your genetics, you may sweat more or less, and your sweat can have different concentrations of various chemicals which may be more appealing. Also thus how some people barely sweat and they real, whereas other people sweat and don’t smell at all.

(Note for smelling, the smell itself comes from surface bacteria breaking down the sweat which also plays a factor, but this is also dependant on sweat make up and locations again)


I wouldn’t be so sure you aren’t being bitten. You probably are being bitten but don’t react as strongly. Less reaction -> less itch -> less scratching -> less buildup of symptoms
For example, some people are allergic and hyper react to bed bug bites. They turn into huge spread out welts. Others you wouldn’t even know they were feasted on.


Here’s an article that covers that stuff along with some other factors. Mosquitoes are more attracted to people wearing dark colors.


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